About our Website

I want to start off by saying I am not a lawyer or a replacement of your need for a lawyer. I am only providing my personal opinion on these matters for the reason stated below. If you are going through a divorce or considering one, talk to a lawyer.

Not long ago, I went through a pretty ugly divorce. Being the father of two, I quickly learned that the true victims of divorce are the children. The children have the potential to be much more damaged than anything you will ever read about in a booklet at the divorce lawyers office. I started this website to share some of the hard lessons I learned along the way. My main goal is helping fathers understand their rights as a parent. While you are on the Divorced Fathers Rights website, you will gather information about the following main topics helpful to divorced fathers.

You will find accessible from the main menu on top of all pages on our website:

Along with the main sections, we will maintain a growing list of resources for divorced fathers. You will need more help as you move down the path of divorce and the many of the child support issues you may encounter. If you would like to suggest a new topic for us to look at, please do so by using our contact us link. We review new topics all the time, and would be happy to find information to share with our readers as well.

Again, it is important to reiterate that I am not a lawyer or a legal professional. I am provide my personal opinion based on my extensive readings and my personal experience of going though a divorce. I always recommend hiring a lawyer for a divorce.