Top Reasons That Fathers Are Now Getting More Child Custody

Whenever there’s an issue of custody the mother typically had nothing to worry about. Women were always given custody over men because it was the mother’s job to raise the children. The basis for this was the fact that mothers did all the child rearing while the man went and made the paycheck. Since that child or children were under the constant care of their mother, the courts saw fit to award the mothers custody over the man. It didn’t matter if she was fit or not. She provided the constant care of that child or children from birth. Custody remained with the mother, despite any legitimate complaints from the father.

In recent years, there has been a steady shift in this attitude from the courts. One reason for the shift is that fathers have made great strides in proving to everyone that they can raise their children as well as the mother. More men are at home doing the same things for the kids that mothers used to do all by themselves. Since men and women are both in the workforce earning paychecks the parenting falls on whoever can spend the most time at home. This could be the father or the mother. When it comes to the courts more men are winning custody battles because they do just that. They are the primary caregiver to the children in the home.

One reason men are getting custody more than women is because of substance abuse issues. It’s no doubt that marriages suffer destruction when one person has addiction problems. But given that we know how harmful it is to allow children to grow in a home with an addicted parent, mothers who have these issues are more likely to lose custody of their children. If the father doesn’t have substance abuse issues, but the mother does then the father is the best option for the child. Therefore, it’s more likely that he will be given custody over the mother.

The next reason men are getting custody more than women is due to abuse and neglect. A long time ago, people didn’t think that mothers abused or neglected their children. However, we have come to know that a lot of mothers are as abusive and as neglectful of their children as any man might be. If a father can prove this in court, then he can win custody of his children. It’s not as easy as it once used was for a mother to retain custody of her children if it’s proven that she is abusive or neglectful in any way.

The last reason why women are losing custody of their children now are due to mothers bad mouthing the father in front of the kids. Mothers who make negative character statements about the father can lose custody of their kids. Some mothers go the extra step of unlawfully keeping the children away from their father. All the things that mothers do to alienate the children from the father or make the children hate the father can actually backfire on the mother. If the father can prove that the mother maligned his character to his children he can win custody of his children.

There are a few other things that women can do to lose custody of their children. But if you’re the father the main thing that you want to do is be a good father from birth until you get custody. Bad behavior from either parent doesn’t win either one of them custody like it used to long ago. This is the reason fathers are getting custody of their children more than they ever used to do.

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