Fathers rights in Tennessee are guaranteed by the laws of the state. They pertain to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: If you believe you might be the childs father, you have the right to request paternity testing from the court. If you are determined to be the father, the mother will be required to get your input and consent for any major decisions regarding your child.

Custody: Tennessee fathers rights allow you to seek custody of your children. You may seek joint or sole physical custody or legal custody that protects your rights to frequent, scheduled visitation with your children. All forms of visitation give you a part in decision-making about their education, religious involvement, extra-curricular activities, medical care and much more.

Child Support: Fathers rights in Tennessee allow you to ask the court to lower child support payments you are required to make if your financial situation gets worse or the mothers gets better. In fact, you also have the right to seek child support payments from the mother if you have sole or joint physical custody of the kids.

These are your Tennessee fathers rights. If you need help in securing them, you might want to hire a lawyer with expertise in working for the rights of fathers in Tennessee.