10 Websites to Learn More about Fathers Rights

Fathers seeking information about their rights now have an abundance of places to turn to for help. Aside from the various state by state divorce laws for fathers rights, these 10 fathers right websites have some of the best information and resources you’ll find online. Some double as divorced father websites that share information regarding child support, custody, visitation and more.

Top 10 Fathers Rights Websites

1. Child Welfare Information Gateway
This is one of the fathers right websites from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It outlines the rights of unmarried fathers whether or not you were ever married to the mother.

2. Fathers Help Network
The motto of the site is “Fathers helping fathers: your partner for fathers rights.” The mission is to support fathers rights. A forum is offered along with a long list of helpful resources.

3. Fathers Rights Foundation
This is one of the most informative divorced father websites. It offers a wealth of information including attorney referrals, a pre-divorce checklist and consultations.

4. Dads Divorce
Another of the helpful divorced father websites, it focuses on legal issues related to divorce, custody, child and spousal support and military divorce.

5. ExpertLaw
The value of this site is that it offers a library of articles related to father’s rights. These include titles such as “Goals of the Fathers’ Rights Movement and “The ‘Father’s Rights’ Lawyer.”

6. Father’s Rights Law Center Blog
The blog covers the bases including divorce, parental alienation, parental move away and legal rights for fathers in the military.

7. Fathers and Dads for Equal Custody Rights
This site outlines tactics that have proven to be effective in securing custody rights for fathers. The Fathers and Dads site also contains information on child support, malicious mothers, false accusations against fathers and other hardball tactics divorced fathers face.

8. U.S. Family Advocates
While covering the rights of mothers as well, plenty of space is given to the rights of fathers in divorce, custody and support issues. This is one of the fathers rights websites that offers memberships with perks such as reduced legal fees and paperwork assistance.

9. The National Fathers’ Resource Center
The FER site is dedicated to helping dads receive the help they need in divorce, custody and visitation issues. Resources include articles, online courses and attorneys.

10. Father’s Rights Inc.
The entire range of issues is covered on this comprehensive site including sole and joint custody, child support, divorce, visitation, moving away, restraining orders and support enforcement.

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