Fathers Rights Attorneys and Lawyers

Getting legal help from a divorce lawyer is often an important step for divorced or separated fathers. Fathers have clearly established equal rights in all states to seek paternity, pursue custody of their children, enjoy visitation rights and have child support levels determined by a fair evaluation of both parents finances. If your divorce lawyer is not providing the type of help you need, you should find a fathers rights attorney, more focused on the needs of divorced parents and the welfare of children having both parents involved in their lives.

While state divorce laws are in place, getting the courts to enforce your equal rights as a father can be quite challenging. Hiring a Fathers rights Attorney with good experience in the areas of custody and family law are more successful in securing their rights. This is always true, but especially so when the mother has hired competent legal counsel too.

Getting legal help can be expensive. Good attorneys, those with a proven track record of securing fathers rights in your state, cost more than others. Lawyers with little or no experience or those who do a poor job will cost less, but you often get what you pay for in this important area of the law. In today’s world, a cheap lawyer will cost less than $100 per hour. A proven lawyer may charge $200 per hour or substantially more. Keep in mind, too, that when you choose a fixed-rate attorney, you may get limited service from them. In reality, you’ll get better representation from attorneys who bill by the hour.

It makes sense to view attorney fees as an investment since the lawyer you choose will play a major role in large financial issues such as the division of tangible and financial assets and the amount of child support paid. If you are facing a divorce or have been divorced and are dealing with issues related to child custody or child support, getting legal help is an essential part of protecting your rights, your property and your relationship with your children.

Guides about Getting Legal Help for Divorced Fathers

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