Child Support Issues for Divorced Fathers

Child support issues occur as long as the children of divorced parents are minors. As part of the initial divorce order, the child support level is determined after a financial evaluation of both parents. In most cases, the mother receives child support from the father, but some fathers with sole or joint physical custody receive child support from the mother.

As circumstances change, child support issues may arise as well as multiple custody issues with the custodial parent. If, as the father, your wages decrease or increase, a new financial evaluation may be ordered and the level of support adjusted. Adjustments may also be made based on the mothers income. Other typical events that produce a change in child support levels include the children beginning to attend private school, joining organized sport or music with associated expenses, and generally increased needs of growing kids.

Keep in mind that even non-custodial fathers have a say in things such as whether or not the children attend private school or participate in expensive activities. Changes in child support levels can only be determined by a motion of the court. You should never orally agree to raise or lower child support payments without a mandate from the court.

A non-custodial father being late or missing child support payments is not a reason for the person with physical custody to deny a father’s visitation rights to his children. It is often the case where one parent will use the fact that child support payments are not current to use the children as a tool to enforce a payment schedule. It is never a good idea to deprive your children of their rights of access to a parent.

If you are facing child support issues and need legal advice, it might be wise to hire a lawyer with proven experience in protecting fathers rights in this important area.

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