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Child Support Isn’t Being Used for the Kids- What to do

You’ve been court ordered to pay child support every month and whenever you see your ex, it’s apparent that it is not being used for the kids. How do you handle this type of situation, and is there any recourse? First, you need to look at the circumstances all together, such as how do you […]

How to Avoid Becoming a By-Stander in Your Divorce Case

When it comes to divorce, it’s something that millions of people face each and every year. In fact, divorce is often the most prevalent legal issue in the country with millions of people going through it annually. Because of the immense amount of divorces in the country, it’s important to realize that going through your […]

How to Protect Your Business During a Divorce

A well flourishing business may find itself in the center of a divorce and these ranks as amongst the worst possible situations a business can find itself entangled in. The business comes under strong scrutiny with both parties trying as much as possible to escape with the largest piece of the cake. The scrutiny is […]

Differences Between Alimony, Spousal Support and Rehabilitative Support

There are several different kinds of spousal support someone might be required to pay after going through a divorce and they are set forth by state laws depending on where you live. Understanding the differences in these different kinds of payments is very important as some are short term, while others may remain for years, […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Divorce Peaceful

You thought you were in love, you’ve tried to make your marriage work, but now you’re ready to go your separate ways. If both parties are sure that divorce is something that must occur, it doesn’t have to be a terribly horrific occurrence. There are many ways to keep your divorce peaceful. Here are 10 […]

Top Reasons That Fathers Are Now Getting More Child Custody

Whenever there’s an issue of custody the mother typically had nothing to worry about. Women were always given custody over men because it was the mother’s job to raise the children. The basis for this was the fact that mothers did all the child rearing while the man went and made the paycheck. Since that […]

Should I File Separate or Joint Tax Return If I’m Getting a Divorce?

When it comes to the question of filing either joint or separate tax returns after a divorce, the answer can often leave both parties with more questions then answers. While you might feel inclined to choose one filing status over the other, the Internal Revenue Service does not play games when it comes to taking […]

Divorce & Tax Debt – Making Sure Your Ex Pays Their Share

Divorce can be a very difficult time for both parties. Just dealing with the separation can take a toll on someone. If there are children involved, this is also a point of stress for many divorced couples. Then, of course, there are finances that are now being handled by just one person versus two. Taxes […]

Understanding How Divorce Law Works in Your State

Divorce is one of the most difficult life circumstances to navigate, for many reasons. For starters, both parties are faced with emotional, tangible, and certainly financial loss. In addition to salvaging a broken heart, attempting to be amicable, and trying to be fair, divorce has the potential of escalating to deceit and prolonged effect upon […]

Where Can Fathers Who Are in Arrears and Unemployed Get Help With Child Support?

Recently, the American legal system in reference to child support law is becoming increasingly complex due to the shear amount of reactionary laws concerning who pays child support, and the consequences of not paying child support. These laws are punitive. This means that they seek to punish those that are in arrears rather than obtaining […]