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How to Avoid Becoming a By-Stander in Your Divorce Case

When it comes to divorce, it’s something that millions of people face each and every year. In fact, divorce is often the most prevalent legal issue in the country with millions of people going through it annually. Because of the immense amount of divorces in the country, it’s important to realize that going through your […]

How to Protect Your Business During a Divorce

A well flourishing business may find itself in the center of a divorce and these ranks as amongst the worst possible situations a business can find itself entangled in. The business comes under strong scrutiny with both parties trying as much as possible to escape with the largest piece of the cake. The scrutiny is […]

Divorce & Tax Debt – Making Sure Your Ex Pays Their Share

Divorce can be a very difficult time for both parties. Just dealing with the separation can take a toll on someone. If there are children involved, this is also a point of stress for many divorced couples. Then, of course, there are finances that are now being handled by just one person versus two. Taxes […]

Understanding How Divorce Law Works in Your State

Divorce is one of the most difficult life circumstances to navigate, for many reasons. For starters, both parties are faced with emotional, tangible, and certainly financial loss. In addition to salvaging a broken heart, attempting to be amicable, and trying to be fair, divorce has the potential of escalating to deceit and prolonged effect upon […]

I Just Went Through a Divorce, Can I Deduct Divorce Attorney Fees?

What are the IRS rules about deducing legal fees related to a divorce? In this Divorced Fathers Rights article gives you guidelines you can use as you prepare your taxes for the tax year in which you were divorced. As you might expect, the maze of regulations is fairly complicated. Here is a list of those legal expenses […]