Divorce & Tax Debt – Making Sure Your Ex Pays Their Share

Divorce can be a very difficult time for both parties. Just dealing with the separation can take a toll on someone. If there are children involved, this is also a point of stress for many divorced couples. Then, of course, there are finances that are now being handled by just one person versus two. Taxes are a very important part of life, and divorced couples still have to pay them. If a person is having difficulty getting their ex-spouse to pay for their share of the taxes, they need to get a divorce lawyer or tax attorney involved.

Getting The Ex To Pay Their Share Of The Taxes

When you are divorced and your ex-spouse will not pay their share of the taxes, you can get into a lot of financial trouble trying to come up with the full amount. Since this can lead you to have a number of problems with credit and other issues, you need to do something about it right away. Retaining a lawyer is a necessity in order to make sure that the person pays their share of the tax bill.

Retaining A Lawyer To Get The Ex To Pay Their Share Of The Taxes

When you need to retain a lawyer to handle the tax problems with your ex-spouse, you will first want to make an appointment for a consultation. The consultation appointment will be the time when you can explain the situation to the lawyer. You will want to have all tax and other pertinent information with you so you can show the lawyer. Be open and honest about what has happened and what your share of the tax bill is. Communicate with the lawyer and develop a rapport. It is important that you trust the lawyer with your personal information so that they can formulate a case to get the other person’s share of the tax bill.

What Happens After The Consultation For The Share Of The Ex’s Taxes?

After the consultation with the lawyer about getting the share of the bill from your ex-spouse, you will need to decide if you want to retain the lawyer. This is when you will talk about how much it will cost. It is important that you get the lawyer so make every effort to get the financing that you need to pay for their efforts.

Formulating The Case Against The Ex For Their Share Of The Tax Bill

Once you have agreed to the payment for the lawyer’s services, they will begin the proceedings to present your case in court. You will need to cooperate fully with what the lawyer will need from you. Make sure that you stay calm throughout the process. Get family and friends for support if you feel that you are becoming too stressed about the situation.

After The Case Is Won

After the lawyer takes your case to court, you will get a decision from the judge. When your spouse has to pay their share of the tax bill, you will be able to have the relief that you deserve.

It is important for you to retain a lawyer if you are in a situation where your ex-spouse is not paying their share of the tax bill. They will be able to get the money for you.