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Where Can Fathers Who Are in Arrears and Unemployed Get Help With Child Support?

Recently, the American legal system in reference to child support law is becoming increasingly complex due to the shear amount of reactionary laws concerning who pays child support, and the consequences of not paying child support. These laws are punitive. This means that they seek to punish those that are in arrears rather than obtaining […]

Do Divorced Fathers Have the Right to Review School Records?

Your childs school records should be available for review whether or not you are the custodial parent. Sometimes the school district will tell you something different. You need to know what your rights are. This is a difficult subject to talk about and every state and even school district has it’s own way of handling […]

Advocacy Groups that Specialize in Fathers Rights in the U.S.

When a man gets divorced in the United States, he is often left without many viable options. While there are plenty of feminist rights organizations and other advocacy groups helping recently divorced women, a man is left to defend for himself. This is a shame as plenty of fathers want to be in their children’s […]

Holiday Survival Guide For Divorced Fathers

If you’re a divorced father, these tips will help you be the dad your kids need this holiday season. If both parents can keep in mind that the needs of the children should come first, you and their mother should be able to cooperate on a plan so that the kids enjoy the best of […]

How Is Child Custody Decided If You Are Not Married?

Unfortunately, child custody cases between non-married parents is on the rise. When the parents have not been married, certain special factors are considered, but the process of determining custody is quite similar to cases of divorce. If you are an unmarried parent, the best case scenario is to work out the situation with the other […]