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10 Ways to Keep Your Divorce Peaceful

You thought you were in love, you’ve tried to make your marriage work, but now you’re ready to go your separate ways. If both parties are sure that divorce is something that must occur, it doesn’t have to be a terribly horrific occurrence. There are many ways to keep your divorce peaceful. Here are 10 […]

Divorced Dad Holiday Tips to Put Your Children First

The holidays are magical for kids. They can be very rewarding for parents too, but keep in mind that the needs of the children should come first. In this Divorced Fathers Rights guide we give you tips will allow you to enjoy the holiday season with your children while making sure their needs are met. 1. Be Positive, […]

My Divorce Decree States That I Can Claim the Children For Tax Purposes, What Happens If She Claims Them?

If your divorce decrees gives you the right to claim your children as deductions, it simultaneously denies your ex-wife the right to claim them. In this Divorced Fathers Rights guide explains how to proceed if your spouse claims the kids on their taxes if you were supposed to. Your Right to Claim your Children on your Taxes If […]

How Do Custody Battles Affect the Child?

Custody battles can be very bitter and have a significant negative impact on children. While kids are often quite resilient, they don’t have the emotional maturity to handle an ugly divorce, and many things can arise that cause lasting damage. In this Divorced Fathers Rights articles, we take a look at how custody battles affect children […]