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Child Support Isn’t Being Used for the Kids- What to do

You’ve been court ordered to pay child support every month and whenever you see your ex, it’s apparent that it is not being used for the kids. How do you handle this type of situation, and is there any recourse? First, you need to look at the circumstances all together, such as how do you […]

Child Support Modifications – How and When to Apply

A common concern among people in a post-divorce setting is how and when an existing child support order can be modified. The reality is that specific guidelines are utilized to determine how and when a modification to child support will be approved or permitted by a court. Laws pertaining to child support, and all other […]

Can One State Garnish Wages For A Child Support Order Entered In Another State?

Wage garnishment issues for child support can get a bit more complex when the parent is required to pay child support lives in a different state. The good news is that states consistently cooperate with one another to make sure that appropriate child support is paid. In addition, by federal law all companies are required […]

What Is The Financial Impact on the Divorced Father If He Remarries

Remarriage affects every area of life including your financial picture. Most likely, your financial picture will change some, but for the most part stay the same. In this Divorced Fathers Rights guide we discuss the financial impact of remarriage on the divorced father. After you read this guide, visit our helpful articles for more information on: child […]

Child Tax Breaks, Am I Eligible For Tax Breaks If I’m the Non-Custodial Parent?

If you are the non-custodial parent, you do have certain tax breaks for your children that are allowed by the IRS. Tax law varies significantly by state, but your state should allow some tax breaks. Visit your state’s website for details or consult your tax preparer for details. Let’s take it step by step. Most […]

If My Ex-Wife Gets Remarried, Does It Affect Our Child Support Agreement?

If you are paying child support to an ex-spouse and he or she gets remarried, will that lower your monthly financial support payment? The answer to that varies somewhat from state to state, but in most cases, if there are no other circumstances to consider, your child support payment will stay the same. In this Divorced […]

Top Reasons You Should Not Spoil Your Children Because You Are Divorced

When you’re divorced, there is great temptation to spoil your children. Their lives have been thrown into chaos and they have been through everything from custody battles, learning a visitation schedule, to unfortunately, hearing parents argue over child support issues. Plus, you want to make sure you have their affection and may give them too much […]

How to Deal with Sole Custody When She Won’t let you See Your Kids

Mothers with sole physical custody sometimes make it very difficult for the father to see his kids. She may miss scheduled meetings to transfer the kids, not be home when you go to pick them up, or make up excuses for changing weekends or denying you a scheduled weekend. She may also attempt to involve […]