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Negotiating a Custody Agreement in the Best Interest of Your Children

The end goal for all court custody battles is to determine the best interest of the child. Since children are the most effected by a custody battle, the best interest is the placement that will best suit the child’s needs and allow the child to learn, thrive and grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically. There are […]

5 Things You Can’t Do If You Have Joint Physical Custody

Joint custody is a complex situation filled with plenty of regulations. There are quite a few things you cannot do that are part of most state laws if you have joint custody. Here are things you can’t do and make a joint custody arrangement work. In this Divorced Fathers Rights Guide we will discuss things that you […]

Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce

Children can feel alone and afraid within the throes of a divorce as the struggle between husband and wife takes center stage. At the worst of times Children can even be used as a weapon or pawn by one parent against the other. Nothing could be worse for your child than to be used as […]

10 Steps to Being a Great Divorced Father to your Children

After the divorce, it is more essential than ever that you be a good father for your kids. They’ll need you to be a stable, caring dad who they can rely upon to care for them and make their best interests a priority. No matter how much of challenge child visitation rights, custody issues, or […]

Allegations of Domestic Violence and a Divorced Fathers Rights

False allegations of domestic violence have long been a ploy in divorce and custody proceedings. What rights do you have as a father when allegations of violence have been made? It is important to know your rights as a divorced or soon to be divorced father when claims of this type are leveled against you. […]

Fathers Guide to Keeping the Kids After a Divorce

If you’re committed to being rewarded custody of the children following your divorce, you’ll need a plan for success. A common misconception is that the mother is always going to win a custody battle. While most mothers do, it’s only because many fathers don’t put up much of a fight! As a father, you have […]

Dealing with an Angry Mother Who Wants to Move Far Away

After a divorce, your ex-wife might be very angry and want to get far away from you. Her reasons may be a need to start fresh or a desire to exact revenge on you. She may want to live nearer family or move to take a job. What is the best way of dealing with […]

How to Deal with Sole Custody When She Won’t let you See Your Kids

Mothers with sole physical custody sometimes make it very difficult for the father to see his kids. She may miss scheduled meetings to transfer the kids, not be home when you go to pick them up, or make up excuses for changing weekends or denying you a scheduled weekend. She may also attempt to involve […]