What Is The Financial Impact on the Divorced Father If He Remarries

Remarriage affects every area of life including your financial picture. Most likely, your financial picture will change some, but for the most part stay the same.

In this Divorced Fathers Rights guide we discuss the financial impact of remarriage on the divorced father.

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Child Support Payments Won’t Change Immediately

If you’re paying child support, don’t expect that to change.  Even if your new wife brings children into the marriage that you work to support, your obligation to pay child support to your children from your first marriage remains the same.

If you and your new wife have a child, you can expect the court to adjust your child support payments somewhat, but not proportionally. For example, if you have 2 kids from a previous marriage and then have a third child, the court will probably not reduce your child support obligation by 1/3. A reduction of 10%-15% might be more likely.

A reduction in support for children from the first marriage might be made so that the well-being of subsequent children is not jeopardized.

If you do not have primary physical custody and have been receiving child support, getting remarried should not affect those payments. Children are always the responsibility of the biological or adoptive parents, never step-parents. Your wife’s income will not be a basis for determining the amount of child support your ex is required to pay.

Maintenance Payments May Change

If your ex-spouse is making maintenance payments to you, your remarriage may affect those payments. The language of the divorce settlement and decree will be the determining factors in this. Many times, people need to return to court to get a ruling.

If you have been receiving maintenance and child support when you get remarried, the maintenance payment might end. However, if it does, you may be able to seek an increase in child support payments since your ex no longer has the burden of paying maintenance.

If you are the one paying alimony to an ex-spouse, and you get remarried, don’t expect to have your payments lowered. Most courts do not consider this an acceptable reason for giving ex-husbands relief in maintenance payments.

These are complex issues, and laws vary from state to state. If you would like help figuring out the financial impact of remarriage, then you should get legal help and contact an experienced family law attorney who can answer your questions.