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Taxes for the Single Father – Are You Eligible for Added Deductions?

Learn about Special Tax Deductions and IRS Considerations for Single and Divorced Fathers Taxes are so confusing! Nearly everyone dreads the process of filing annual tax returns. Taxes for single dads are especially worrisome. Single moms far outnumber single dads, and the dads may well wonder if the tax code is stacked against them. The […]

Top 6 Things You Should Know About Divorce and Taxes

Divorce affects every area of life including taxes. If you’re filing taxes for the first time since you were divorced,  this Divorced Fathers Rights guide outlines the 6 things you should know about divorce and taxes. The Year of your Divorce is What Counts If you were divorced in January or in December of last year, or […]

Child Tax Breaks, Am I Eligible For Tax Breaks If I’m the Non-Custodial Parent?

If you are the non-custodial parent, you do have certain tax breaks for your children that are allowed by the IRS. Tax law varies significantly by state, but your state should allow some tax breaks. Visit your state’s website for details or consult your tax preparer for details. Let’s take it step by step. Most […]