Arizona law protects fathers rights in several different ways. Fathers have the right to establish paternity, seek custody and seek support when they are granted custody. Here’s what each of these fathers rights in Arizona mean.

Paternity: You have the right to petition the court to require a paternity test to determine whether or not you are childs father. If paternity is questioned, this is the place to start.

Custody: Arizona fathers rights allow you to seek custody of your child or children. At minimum, if granted custody you have the right to be involved in decisions about how your children are raised. You may be granted sole physical and legal custody, joint custody or in the event the mother is granted physical custody, have custodial visitation rights with your children.

Support: If you are granted joint or sole physical custody, you have the right to seek child support from the mother of the child or children. The court will order a financial evaluation and the amount of support from one parent to the other will be determined.

Fathers rights in Arizona are the law. If you want advice in seeking your legal rights, consult a lawyer with significant experience in gaining rights for fathers in Arizona.