Fathers rights are established by law in Colorado. They cover 3 important areas of fatherhood, each one with solid legal support.

Paternity: Colorado fathers rights include a determination of paternity. If there is a dispute and you believe you are the father, the court will require a paternity test that gives you the opportunity to establish your legal rights.

Custody: Fathers rights in Colorado include the right to seek custody of your children. The custody can be sole physical custody, joint physical custody or the protection of visitation rights. Any time you have legal custody on one of these levels, you are guaranteed a part in deciding key issues in how your children are raised including education, religion and medical care.

Support: The right to receive child support extends to fathers as well as mothers. If you have physical custody of your children, the court will order a financial evaluation determining the level of financial support, if any, you will receive.

These are fathers rights in Colorado. If you have questions or want help in securing your rights, contact an attorney with experience in fathers rights issues in Colorado.