Mississippi fathers rights are established by laws, granting dads the same legal rights as mothers. These rights relate to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: Your fathers rights in Mississippi allow you to request paternity testing to discover whether or not you are the father. If the test proves that you are the father, the mother does not have the right to make major decisions such as placing the baby for adoption without your written consent.

Custody: Mississippi law gives you the right to seek custody of your child or children. Custody takes many forms including sole or joint physical custody, or legal custody that protects your right to frequent and ongoing visitation with your children. If you’ve got any type of legal custody, you have the right to help make decisions regarding your childrens education, lifestyle, religious upbringing, participation in activities such as dance or sports, their medical care if needed and much more.

Child Support. Your Mississippi fathers rights allow you to seek child support payments from the mother. The court will evaluate the financial situation of both parents and make a determination of support payments from one parent to the other.

These are your Mississippi fathers rights. If you’ve got questions or need help in obtaining your rights, a lawyer with expertise in the laws and rights of fathers in Mississippi will be able to help.