Fathers rights in Montana are protected by law that put fathers on equal footing with mothers. Laws protect paternity, custody and child support rights.

Paternity: You have the right to ask the court to determine paternity of a child. Tests will be ordered, and if you are the father, the mother will be required to consult you and get your consent for any major decisions regarding the child.

Custody: Your Montana fathers rights allow you to pursue custody of your children. The custody may be joint with their mother or other person, sole physical custody or legal custody that protects your legal rights to active participation in your kids lives and regular visitation with them. Custody protects your right to be involved in deciding major issues regarding how your children are educated, their religious involvement and participation in activities, and much more.

Child Support: Fathers have the right to seek child support from the childs mother. The court will order a financial evaluation and the level of child support, if any, will be determined. Many Montana fathers receive child support payments for the children they have sole or joint custody of.

These are your Montana fathers rights protected by law. If you have questions or want assistance pursuing them, contact an attorney with expertise in protecting fathers rights in Montana.