New Mexico

New Mexico fathers rights are protected by law and give you equal rights with the childs mother. These legal rights relate to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: You have the right to have paternity established whenever you believe a child might be yours. The court will order the testing. If you are proved to be the father, the mother will not be able to make any major decisions regarding the child without your consent.

Custody: Your fathers rights in New Mexico allow you to seek custody of your children. Custody might be joint or sole physical custody or simple legal custody that secures your right to ongoing and regular visitation with your children. Custody also protects your legal rights to be involved in all major decisions regarding your kids. These include issues about their education, religion, activities such as music and sports, medical care if needed and much more.

Child Support: Many New Mexico fathers receive child support payments from the mother when they have sole or joint physical custody of the children. The court will do a financial evaluation and determine what level of support is appropriate, if any.

These are your New Mexico fathers rights. If you want help in securing them or have questions about them, contact an attorney with expertise in protecting fathers rights in New Mexico.