North Dakota

Fathers rights in North Dakota are protected by the laws of the state. These legal rights relate to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: You have the right to have paternity established if you believe a child might be yours. The court will order the testing. If you are determined to be the father, you will have equal rights with the mother to determine issues related to the child such as whether it should be placed for adoption.

Custody: Your North Dakota fathers rights allow you to seek custody of your children. Custody might mean joint or sole physical and legal custody or the right to ongoing, consistent visitation with your children. Your custodial rights also mean that you will have a role in deciding how the kids are raised, including issues related to their education, religion, activities such as sports or music, medical care if required and much more.

Child Support: Some fathers in North Dakota receive child support payments when they have sole or joint physical custody of their children. The court will order a financial evaluation to determine whether or not child support should be paid and how much it should be.

These are your North Dakota fathers rights. If you have questions or would like help in obtaining them, contact a lawyer with expertise in working for fathers rights in North Dakota,