Fathers rights in Ohio are established by the laws of the state. These laws relate to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: If you believe you might be the childs father, you can request the court to order testing. If your paternity is established, you have the right to a role in decision-making regarding your child. For example, the mother could not place the child for adoption without your written consent.

Custody: Your Ohio fathers rights allow you to seek legal and/or physical custody of your children. The custody might include sole or joint physical custody or legal custody that protects your right to ongoing, consistent visitation with your kids. Custody also gives you the legal right to be involved in decisions regarding how they are raised including issues such as education, religion, involvement in organized activities and their medical care if required.

Child Support: Some Ohio fathers receive child support payments from the mother. You can request that the court require this in your case. A financial evaluation will be done to determine if and how much child support should be paid.

These are your Ohio fathers rights. If you have questions about them or need help in securing them, contact an attorney with proven success in protecting fathers rights in Ohio.