Rhode Island

Your Rhode Island fathers rights are protected by the laws of the state. You’ve got established rights when it comes to paternity, custody or child support.

Paternity: If you believe a child might be yours, you’ve got the right to petition the court for testing. If the testing determines that you are the father, you’ve got legal rights in deciding issues related to the child such as whether or not to place it for adoption or to seek custody.

Custody: You’ve got the right to seek custody of your minor child or children. The level of custody may protect your rights to ongoing visitation or you may be awarded sole or joint physical custody. Any type of custody secures your place in helping to make decisions regarding their wellbeing in areas such as education, religious involvement, participation in sports or dance, their medical care and much more.

Child Support: Rhode Island fathers rights allow you to seek child support from the childs mother, and some fathers in this state receive it. If you are ordered to pay support, you’ve got the right to ask the court to adjust the amount based on your or the mothers changed financial condition.

These are your Rhode Island fathers rights. If you’ve got questions about them or would like help in obtaining them, you may need to hire a lawyer with experience in protecting fathers rights in Rhode Island.