West Virginia

Fathers rights in West Virginia are protected by state laws. These laws pertain to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: You have the right to ask the court to mandate paternity testing. If tests show that you are the child’s father, the mother will be prohibited from making major decisions regarding the child without your input and consent.

Custody: West Virginia fathers rights allow you to seek physical custody of your children. Sole or joint physical custody means that your children would live with you all or part of the time. Simple legal custody would protect your right to frequent, scheduled visitation with your kids.

Child Support: You have the right to seek child support from the mother if you have sole or joint physical custody of the children. If you are paying child support to the mother, you have the right to request an adjustment in the amount if changes in your or her finances support it.

These are your West Virginia fathers rights. If you need help in securing them, hire a lawyer with a track record of defending fathers rights in West Virginia.