Fathers rights in Wisconsin are clearly established by the laws of the state. They cover paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: Wisconsin fathers rights guarantee your right to determine paternity through testing. The courts will require the testing. If you are shown to be the father, you will have the same legal rights as the mother to decide major issues such as whether to raise the child or place it for adoption.

Custody: You have the right to seek custody of your children. You can request sole or joint physical custody or legal custody that secures your rights to ongoing, scheduled visitation with your kids. Being granted any type of custody allows you to be involved in major decisions regarding their lifestyle, education, extra-curricular activities, medical care, religious upbringing and more.

Child Support: If you are ordered to pay child support and your financial state changes, your Wisconsin fathers rights allow you to request a lower payment amount. If you have sole or joint physical custody, you have the right to request child support from the mother if finances warrant it.

These are your Wisconsin fathers rights. If you are having trouble securing them, you might want to hire a lawyer with expertise in fighting for fathers rights in Wisconsin.