Fathers rights in Wyoming have been established by the laws of the state. These laws pertain to paternity, custody and child support.

Paternity: Wyoming fathers rights allow you to petition the court to mandate paternity testing. If you are shown to be the father of the child, the mother will be required to include you in all major decisions such as whether to raise the child or place it for adoption.

Custody: You have the right to seek custody of your children. You can ask the court for sole or joint physical custody, or for legal custody that secures ongoing, scheduled visitation with your kids. When you are granted any type of custody, you have the right to be part of all major decisions regarding them including their education, extra-curricular activities, medical care, religious upbringing and much more.

Child Support: If you are ordered to pay child support, your fathers rights in Wyoming allow you to ask that the payment be lowered if your income decreases or the mother’s increases. If you have sole or joint physical custody, you have the right to ask the court to require the mother to pay you child support.

These are you Wyoming fathers rights. If you are having trouble securing them, you may need to hire a lawyer with strong experience in obtaining fathers rights in Wyoming.