5 Ways A Divorced Father can Spend the Day with the Kids without Going Broke

A divorce puts a crimp in the budget of most dads. It is very important to make the most of your visitation time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful ways to spend a day with the kids without breaking the budget.

Here are 5 ways a divorced father can spend the day with the kids without going broke.

Enjoy Seasonal Opportunities

Take advantage of what Mother Nature offers freely. In winter, is there a great sledding or snowboarding hill in a nearby park? Borrow sleds if needed and have hot chocolate planned for when you get home. In spring, are the fish biting on the local lake with the public fishing pier? Dig worms, borrow a few poles and see what bites.

In Summer are there fireworks, festivals and other fun in your area? Put on the sunscreen, give each kid a few bucks for cotton candy or other treat, and go for it. In fall, are there hiking trails covered with colored leaves to hike? Take bags along and let kids collect leaves, acorns and whatever else catches their eyes. Make a leaf book or bouquet together when you get home.

Get a Little Culture

Visiting a museum only sounds boring. The stuff in the museum is there because most people find it very cool. Kids enjoy learning about art, history, science and more. Hands-on museums are great for kids of all ages. The Association of Children’s Museums has a great tool where you can find the perfect museum in your area.

What about music? Local colleges or venues often host free/cheap concerts with a wide variety of music styles. Even if the kids say they don’t like that style of music, when heard live, it will likely be a different story.

Take in a Ballgame ¦ or Get one Started

If you’re kids are into sports, head for the local high school, college or minor league park. Tickets are usually very affordable. Before or afterward, organize a friendly game in the neighborhood with kids the same ages as your kids.

Stay Home Stuff

When the weather outside doesn’t cooperate, make it fun to stay home. Rent or download some kid-friendly movies to watch, complete with favorite snacks. Have a video game tournament with prizes for everyone. Build a fort out of all the cushions in the house and few blankets. With a little creativity, you’ll think of age-appropriate activities that the kids and you will enjoy.

Help Kids Learn to Serve

Most communities have a variety of service projects that dads can participate in with their kids. It may be a canned food drive with the Boy Scouts or other organization, a park or beach cleanup with a conservation club or serving food in a homeless shelter. Finding opportunities in your area should be very easy. Call local service groups such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches, shelters, Salvation Army or Catholic Social Services. Praise your kids for giving their time to meet the needs of others. Service projects can be a source of deep personal satisfaction for everyone.

Which ones work for you? Maybe they all do. You’ll soon learn that a great time can be had by all, even when funds are limited. Remember, you can’t be denied rights to your children and you should take advantage of every moment you have with them.